Fujitsu D3231-S, D3235-S, D3236-S BIOS R1.34.0


BIOS R1.34.0
Changes vs. R1.33.0:
• Updated Intel TXT BIOS AC (Intel IPU 2019.2)
• Fixed: EFI boot from removable media not possible, if image is loaded from fixed drive (SSD/HDD).
Known problems and restrictions:
• Only if booting in Legacy mode: When setting External SATA to "enabled", POST hangs for
~30 seconds before resuming.
• EFIFlash does not detect recovery mode if the recovery jumper is set. This will be fixed
in the a BIOS version. As a workaround, you can flash down to an older BIOS version in
recovery mode first, then flash BISO 1.25.0 in recovery mode.
• Sporadically after wake from S3 PCI cards may not be detected, especially at very low
ambient temperatures
• If Windows 7 is shut down with USB devices connected and then booted without USB devices
connected, USB devices plugged later might not be detected.
Workaround #1: In Windows Device Manager select details of the USB3 root hub, select
power management tab, disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
Workaround #2: Power -> Wake-Up Resources -> USB Keyboard -> Set to Enabled
To change this setting: Power -> USB At Power-Off -> Set to "Always on"
Note: you may change this back to "Always Off" later.
• BIOS downgrade to BIOS version < R1.18.0 is not possible!
• If a fan connected to FAN3 fails, the entry in BIOS eventlog is "FAN1 SYS: Fan failed".
• D3236-S only: Naming of Sensor 4 in BIOS setup is wrong ("0"), should be "Core".