Fujitsu D3240 BIOS R1.20


D3240-B13 GS1

BIOS ≥ R1.20.0

(ready for “Haswell Refresh” processor series)

Hints for production handling of D3240-B:

  • First power-on: Mainboard starts immediately after connecting to power
  • During the first Boot a specific BIOS mode called „Manufacturing Mode“ is enabled:
  • „No Halt an any Error“ à System shall not stop due to date/time error or missing keyboard
  • Recommended handling for system builder:
  • Disable “Manufacturing Mode” via OEMIDENT tool à
  • Optional: Change and enable BIOS Setup Defaults where necessary via EditCMOS tool
  • Optional: Adjust DMI data where necessary via OEMIDENT tool
  • Optional: Set MS Win7 key data where necessary via OEMIDENT tool
  • Force system reboot – now all DOS-based configuration tasks should be done

From second system boot the mainboard is automatically reset to „normal“ BIOS mode, even if OEMIDENT is not used for disabling the “Manufacturing Mode”.

But: If the “Manufacturing Mode” is not disabled in advance via OEMIDENT, any changes of the BIOS Setup Defaults executed between first and second system boot will be discarded!