Fujitsu D3641-S1, D3646-S1 BIOS R1.6.0


List of changes:

  • Integrated Fixes for PSIRT-TA-201810-007, PSIRT-TA-201810-004, PSIRT-TA-201901-002, CVE-2018-12201, CVE-2018-12202, CVE-2018-12203, CVE-2018-12204, CVE-2018-12205
  • Updated CPU Microcode for CoffeeLake-S U-0
  • Updated Intel Reference Code with support for 9th gen CPUs.
  • Updated Power Management Integration for CFL Refresh (9th gen) CPU support.
  • Updated to Management Engine Firmware version
  • Updated BMC Teutates Firmware (V058)
  • Updated: Erase Disk Module
  • Feature: Implemented new setup options:
Advanced > CPU Configuration > “Intel® Speed Shift Technology”
Advanced > Onboard Devices > “Mini PCIe WLAN”
Power > “CPU TDP Limit” (see Technotes for details)
[D364x-S only] Advanced > “Runtime Error Logging”
  • Feature: Improved BIOS firmware update time (takes effect on upcoming updates).
  • Feature: Disabled additional energy saving settings (NativePCIe and NativeASPM).
  • Feature: Reduced boot time after AC recover with PCIe bifurcation mode (PEG slotmode).
  • Fixed: USB Port Security “Enable used ports” is not working properly after S5 / Standby.
  • Fixed: Loading BIOS default values via Recovery Jumper (without connected recovery image) not
  • Fixed: POST beep only works on internal buzzer, not from the internal front panel speaker.
  • Fixed: Only one MAC address in “System Information” shown,
  • [D3634-S only] Fixed: Removed “PEG slot mode” setting. Not supported!
  • [D363x-S only] Power > System Power Limit** > “Custom System Power Limit” not working
Known problems and restrictions
  • No legacy OS support (UEFI only due to Intel restrictions)!
  • D363x-S only: When updated from R1.2.0 the m.2 Slot is disabled by the setup option “WLAN + Bluetooth” (Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration). If you want to use any m.2 device please change
    the option to “enabled” manually or just execute “Restore Defaults” (F3)
    (Save & Exit)
  • Default value for “Intel ® Speed Shift Technology” (Hardware P-State control) had been changed to “Disabled” This will only take effect, if you load “Optimized Defaults” after BIOS update.
  • [D3641-S and D3646-S only] “PEG slot mode” setting in BIOS removed mistakenly. Will be re-added in next BIOS version!
  • Some Linux distributions still use 32bit installer/bootloader, and therefore booting will cause hang or errors. In that case, please disable Advanced>PCI Subsystem Settings>”Above 4G Decoding”. A general description of this setting can be found in BIOS manual on OEM FTP site.
  • BIOS downgrade to a version prior R1.6.0 is blocked due to security reasons and the support of 9th gen Intel CPUs!