Fujitsu Mainboards ECN D3236, D3235, D3231 Haswell refreshed

 biosthe updated BIOS R1.18.0 incl. ME firmware update for supporting "Haswell Refresh" processors has been released.

As mentioned in the previous ECN announcement below, the mainboard version will be changed from D323x-S GS1 to D323x-S GS2.

In contrast to the previous ECN, an additional minor hardware change (four resistors adjusted) will be implemented for the GS2 mainboards.



Update of the Management Engine (ME) firmware is NOT possible during standard BIOS update from any previous version to R1.18.0.

Mainboard D323x-S GS2 shipped ex factory include the updated BIOS R1.18.0 and the updated ME firmware version 9.1.x.x.
BIOS downgrade from R1.18.0 to any previous BIOS version is NOT possible!

In order to upgrade BIOS and ME firmware of D323x-S GS1 mainboards, please follow these steps:

- Make sure to have no Hawell Refresh processor installed

- Update BIOS to R1.18.0 first

- Install Service Release BIOS R1.18.0.SR1 (ME firmware will be updated to version 9.1.x.x)

Note: BIOS update may take some while before indicating any progress - just be patient!

- Haswell Resfresh processor can be installed now