Fujitsu Mainboards ECN D3236, D3235, D3231 Haswell refreshed

Intel has announced several new processors "Haswell Refresh" for launch in 05/2014.

Affected new processor models:
Intel® Core™ i7-4790, i7-4790S, i7-4790T, i7-4785T
Intel® Core™ i5-4690, i5-4690S, i5-4690T, i5-4590, i5-4590S, i5-4590T, i5-4460, i5-4460S, i5-4460T
Intel® Core™ i3-4360, i3-4350, i3-4350T, i3-4150, i3-4150T
Intel® Pentium® G3450, G3440, G3440T, G3240, G3240T
Intel® Celeron® G1850, G1840, G1840T Processors

Based on the Intel requirements, an updated BIOS and Management Engine (Intel ME) firmware is required for these processors.

Furthermore, Intel recommends to use updated drivers for the new processor series.

In order to distinguish between current mainboards and mainboards “ready for Haswell Refresh Processors” we decided to change the revision level from GS1 to GS2 for below mentioned industrial mainboard series.

Current mainboards (GS1) with BIOS ≤ R1.8.0 (D3231/D3236) resp. ≤ R1.6.0 (D3235) can NOT be used for Haswell Refresh processors.

BIOS/ME-FW update from GS1 to GS2 is currently NOT possible.

Upcoming mainboards (GS2) can NOT be downgraded to a BIOS version < R1.18.0.

There is no hardware change between GS1 and GS2 mainboards!


 Mainboard   Chipset  Changes Successor 
D3236-S13 GS1
BIOS ≤ R1.8.0
ME 9.0.x.x 
 iQ87  New BIOS R1.18.0 and ME-Firmware (Intel Management Engine) supporting “Haswell Refresh” processors.

Mainboard with previous BIOS/ME versions can NOT be used for “Haswell Refresh” processors!

Downgrade to BIOS version < R1.18.0 is not possible. See upcoming BIOS ECN for details!

No hardware changes

D3236-S13 GS2
BIOS ≥ R1.18.0
ME 9.1.x.x
D3235-S13 GS1
BIOS ≤ R1.8.0
ME 9.0.x.x 
 iH81   D3235-S13 GS2
BIOS ≥ R1.18.0
ME 9.1.x.
D3231-S11 GS1
BIOS ≤ R1.6.0
ME 9.0.x.x
 iQ87 D3231-S11 GS2
BIOS ≥ R1.18.0
ME 9.1.x.x