Fortron AC-Adapter FSP150-ABAN1*CH

FSP150 ABAN 1 a

This external power supply (EPS) has a real power rating of 150W (continuous @40°C).
Efficiency up to 89%
ABAN1 meets ErP Lot 7 Tier 2 requirements
With 150W of power and 19V output, FSP150-ABAN1 is ideally suited for All-In-One systems and gaming/workstation laptops.

The changeable DC connector allows FSP150-ABAN1 to work in several applications.
The FSP connector design also ensures the DC tip cannot be plugged in the wrong way whilst still providing a tight, secure connection protecting against accidental disconnection.


  • High efficiency (≥ 87%)
  • ErP Lot 7 Tier 2
  • 150W / 19V output 
  • C14 AC input socket
  • Changeable DC tips (see below)
  • Complete Circuit Protection