Fujitsu D3646-S ATX Mainboard


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D3646-S based on Intel® C246

Powered by the Intel® C246 Workstation chipset, dual channel DDR4 2666 and Intel® Xeon® processors. Designed & approved for 24/7 continuous operation

Board Size ATX: 9.6” x 12” (243.8 x 304.8 mm)

Chipset Intel® C246 Express Chipset

Memory 4 DIMM Sockets DDR4-2666 (1.2V), max. 64GB, Dual Channel
DDR4 -2666 (CL19) / -2400 (CL17) / -2133 (CL15) SDRAM, unbuffered, ECC
1 / non-ECC
Effective memory speed depends on installed processor

Processor Intel® XEON® E-21xx processor series
Intel® Core™ i7 / i5 / i3 (8
th generation) processor series
Intel® Pentium® / Intel® Celeron® processor series
Socket LGA1151, max. 95W TDP
(For details on supported processors please refer to OEM FTP Server)

Power Specification ATX- 24 Pin or ATX- 20 Pin + 4 Pin (12V) Power Connector required
Support for Soft-Off Power Supplies
12V and 3.3V Supply Voltage on PCIe Slots
3.3V Auxiliary Supply Voltage on PCIe Slots (Wake-Up Function)
On board high-efficiency CPU Voltage Regulator, 5V / 2.5A Auxiliary Power
required for USB Wake-Up from Save-to-RAM, Save-to-Disk

Power Supply Requirements for mainboard only - worst case incl. processor & memory;
w/o USB devices; w/o PCIe cards; w/o SATA drives; w/o M.2 devices
.1) Processor 95W TDP: Max. Cont. Current = 10A; max. Surge Current = 16A (< 100sec) / 18A (< 10ms)
Processor 65W TDP: Max. Cont. Current = 7A; max. Surge Current = 14A (< 100sec) / 18A (< 10ms)
Processor 35W TDP: Max. Cont. Current = 4A; max. Surge Current = 10A (< 100sec) / 14A (< 10ms)
Source Voltage Min. PS
Max. Mainboard
Main Power
+ 12V 0.05A ± 5 % 5.000µF 10A/18A 1)
- 12V 0A ± 10 % 470µF 0.3A
+ 5V 0.2A ± 5 % 3.000µF 6.0A
+ 3.3V 0A ± 5 % 3.000µF 0.5A
Aux. Power + 5Vaux 0A +5 % / -3% 3.000µF 2.5A

modified and adapted by Fujitsu Technology Solutions; Recovery BIOS, SM-BIOS (DMI), BIOS and
CPU Microcode Update, Quick Boot, Logo Boot, Quiet Boot, Plug & Play, Automatic DRAM and
PCIe Configuration, BIOS Support for S.M.A.R.T., Advanced Power Management, ACPI S3/S4,
Wake on time from S5.
HW Watchdog support & BIOS integrated HW Diagnostic Tool.
No legacy OS support, no MBR installation (UEFI only due to Intel restrictions)

Security Features Recovery BIOS, System and BIOS Password, Boot Sequence Control, Serial-/ Parallel-/ USB- Port
Access, Boot Sector Virus Warning, Write Protection for Flash BIOS, Erase Disk (BIOS Feature);
TPM V2.0 (Infineon; TCG compliant).

Special Features Silent Fan Independent temperature related processor fan
and system fan supervision and control
System Guard View Silent Fan features
Recovery BIOS Restores a corrupted BIOS
Desk Update Simple driver update with Driver & Utilities DVD
Multi Boot Comfortable boot from any boot device
HDD Password Access protection for disk drives / M.2 SSD modules
Always On Reliable power-on whenever voltage is connected
Never Off Option to prevent the system from being shut down
CSA / UL compliance cTÜVus acc. IEC62368-1 (planned)
FCC compliance FCC-B verified (planned)

Operating Systems
MS Windows 10 RS3
“Tested/Released by Fujitsu”
MS Windows 10 RS4
Important Note:
Legacy OS / MBR installation (DOS, MS Windows 7, …) is not supported due to Intel restrictions

Designed for Industrial Applications
Longlife components
Revision control
Extended lifecycle up to 6 years
Industrial grade EMI immunity
Designed for 24/7 use in industrial applications
Strict control and pre-announcements
Mainboard available for more than five years
Enhanced operating temperature range (0°C-60°C)2

Graphics Intel® UHD Graphics (depends on installed processor), DX12
2 x DisplayPort V1.2 & 1 x DVI-D
VGA output possible via optional VGA extension module D3653

Audio Realtek ALC671, 5.1- channel, High Definition Audio Codec

TPM TPM V2.0 (Infineon SLB9670; TCG compliant)

LAN Intel i219LM & i210AT with 10/100/1000 MBit/s, AMT 12.0 / vPro Support
Wake-on-LAN (WoL) by interesting Packets, Link Status Change and
Magic Packet™, PXE Support, BIOS MAC Address Display, Teaming Support

SATA Ports 6 x Serial ATA III 600 Interface (up to 6GBit/s), NCQ, AHCI, RAID 0/1/5/10

PCI / PCI Bridge Pericom PI7C9X118SL PCIe to PCI Bridge; 2 x PCI slot
For 5V-only and 3.3V/5V universal PCI cards (PCI Rev. 2.3; 32Bit/33MHz)

M.2 Sockets M.2 2280 Key-M for PCIe-based SSD NVME modules; 4 x PCIe Gen3 lanes
M.2 2230 Key-E for PCIe/USB-based WLAN/Bluetooth modules; 1 x PCIe Gen3, 1 x USB2.0

GPIO Port 8 Bit GPIO (Input/Output); WLAN LED support, WLAN enable/disable support
3.3V / 5V / 12V supply voltage output
SMBus controller PCA9554A

Legacy Ports 1 x internal Parallel Port (pin header)
1 x external RS-232 port
3 x internal RS-232 ports (pin header, 2mm pitch)
1 x PS/2 (mouse) / 1 x PS/2 (keyboard)