Fujitsu D3171-A BIOS R1.19

biosPrevious released BIOS version: R1.16.0
BIOS Rev. 1.19.0:

List of changes

  • Added Win 8 support.
  • Added new CPU microcode patches.
  • Added UEFI boot support for Realtek LAN controller.
  • Fixed: Sporadically system power off during boot.
  • Fixed: Sporadically hang up during POST.
  • Changed the behaviour of the power button state feature.
  • Fixed: System not booting with limited "Active Processor Cores" and low power soft off enabled at BIOS Setup.
  • Updated internal BIOS interface ("GABI")

Known problems and restrictions

  • The current Boot Logo tool (V1.02) is no longer supported!
  • Using external graphics together with Intel onboard graphics fails
  • (Bluescreen during OS boot), if the external graphics is set to Primary in BIOS setup.
  • BIOS POST does not stop with missing keyboard.