Fujitsu D3313-S1, D3313-S2, D3313-S3, BIOS 1.17.0

Previous released BIOS version: R1.16.0
BIOS Rev. 1.17.0:
List of changes
  • Fixed: Fixed (SMM) Bios vulnerability known as ‚ThinkPwn‘
  • Fixed: SetupItemID 0x00D7 could not be changed to 0xAA (PEG)
  • Fixed: Error log contains non-sufficient entries (e.g. for Virus warning)
  • Fixed: System hangs, if the BIOS setup item “Advanced / Graphics Configuration / IGD Memory” is set to a value equal or above the actual memory size
  • Fixed: Unexpected Eventlog in SecureMode without monitor connected to the system

Known issues and limitations of BIOS R1.17.0:
  • PXE boot with legacy operating systems may fail on LAN2. One symptom could be failing to get an IP address by DHCP under DOS.
  • If using 4GB of memory there is only 2.69 GB RAM usable with Windows7 32Bit (AMD limitation)
  • Display stays off after resume from S3 (LVDS and external monitors) when using wakeup event timer (Windows Limitation)
  • Bootimage download via UEFI PXE is very slow (Legacy PXE is 6 times faster)
  • (Mini-) PCIe WakeUp not yet supported
  • S.M.A.R.T. cannot be disabled