D3003-S1 BIOS 1.15.0 FDD  

D3003-S2 BIOS 1.15.0 FDD 

D3003-S3 BIOS 1.15.0 FDD 


List of changes for BIOS R1.15.0:

  • Added Fan Alerting Support -> no alerts from unplugged fans
  • Fixed: Intrusion detection (Cabinet monitoring) not working correct
  • D3003S1/S3 variant only: Added new VideoBIOSBR39515.B06
  • Corrected Watchdog strings
  • Fixed: AC fail recovery always on issue
  • Removed beep on keyboard missing permanently for Sx
  • Added Setup switch to control USB speed during POST  (Default = USB2.0)
  • Added SMCO data support
  • Added: Watchdog support NOTE: No watchdog support for D3003-S11 and D3003-S21
  • Fixed: Administrator password must be entered twice for Intrusion detection (Cabinet monitoring) confirmation.
  • After a system reset/restart from OS, the wake type field in SMBIOS changes to "unknnown". This causes failure of Microsoft HCT.
  • EraseDisk did sporadically not start
  • Added LAN-PHY power down if wake on lan disabled
  • Improved DASH support