Previous released BIOS version: R1.8.0

BIOS Rev. 1.9.0

List of changes

  • Added new CPU microcode.
  • System freeze during Windows UEFI installation.
  • System hang when SATA mode was set to “disabled”.
  • Limit access to BIOS Setup item “Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device” when entering BIOS Setup via set “User Password”.
  • Updated DMI wake up sources control.
  • Enter key had to be pressed twice in some BIOS Setup sub menus.
  • Beautified BIOS Setup SATA sub menu.

Known problems and restrictions


  • Both PCIe x1 slots reduce speed from Gen2 to Gen1 after being woken up from ACPI S3 state (D2990)
  • BIOS Setup item "Power Failure Recovery: Disabled" not working correctly if  "Low Power Soft Off” = Enabled (D2991)
  • With BIOS setting “IGD Memory: Disable” and no additional plugged graphic card no picture is shown. Workaround: Plug password skip jumper to load BIOS defaults
  • USB Port Security not working properly  
  • When clearing passwords (Administrator/User Password), passwords are not cleared when afterwards "Optimized Defaults" are loaded.