BIOS ≥ R1.21.0

List of Changes

  • Bug Fix: Drives with set HDD password were not useable without keyboard connected.
  • Unsupported BIOS Setup submenu “Serial Port Console Redirection” (at “Advanced” submenu) removed.
  • Microcode updates added (Haswell C0).
  • EraseDisk feature updated to support secure deletion of SSDs



Known problems and restrictions

  • USB 3.0 memory stick sporadically not detected via USB legacy support during POST when connected to USB 3.0 port.
  • Running VirtualXP crashes during resume from ACPI S3 or ACPI S4.
  • After starting BIOS update the process may stay approximately 70 seconds with 0% / 1% before continuing. Please wait and do not switch off the system during BIOS update!
  • BIOS Setup item "Power Failure Recovery: Disabled" not working as expected with "Low Power Soft Off: Enabled".
  • When clearing passwords (Administrator/User Password), passwords are not cleared when afterwards "Optimized Defaults" are loaded.
  • Some automatic system PowerCycles may occur after BIOS update.