ECN D34xx D3348 Infineon TPM Update


ECN-No. SBOEM-D34xx_D3348-211217

Reason for ECN:
Revision update for several mainboards in order to solve the Infineon TPM Vulnerability issue

Onboard TPM module replaced by updated TPM module version based on latest Infineon Firmware V5.62.
This revision change has no influence on OS installation/drivers.
This revision change has no influence on mainboard/system approvals regarding safety and EMC


Current mainboard revision

New mainboard revision

D3348-B23 GS1

D3348-B23 GS1

D3402-B21 GS2

D3402-B21 GS3

D3417-B21 GS1

D3402-B21 GS3

D3433-S22 GS1
D3433-S22 GS2
D3441-S20 GS1 D3441-S20 GS2
D3446-S11 GS2 D3446-S11 GS3
D3446-S21 GS1 D3446-S21 GS2

Shipping details: Shipment of the new revisions is expected from January 2018