Fujitsu D3128-B2, BIOS R1.5.0

biosPrevious released BIOS version: R1.3.0

BIOS Rev. 1.5.0

List of changes:

  • Support for SMCO/SilentFanConfig-Manager added
    Important note: All previous BIOS versions for D3128-B2 did NOT support customized System Monitoring settings via SilentFanConfig-Manager.
  • System Monitoring data (fan speed control) corrected
    Important note: All previous BIOS version for D3128-B2 may result in unexpected fan behaviour. Update to BIOS higher R1.5.0 is highly recommended!
  • Intel CPU microcode updated
  • Fix problem that TPM information's are wrong on SETUP page
    "Intel TXT Configuration" if TPM support is disabled.
  • Added new Setup nodes for CPU Energy-Performance optimization:
    Utilization Profile" “Override OS Energy Performance"
  • Fix Problem: Despite of the fact that devices are disabled in BIOS boot option priorities, they are available and bootable within F12 boot menu and BIOS Boot Override menu

Known problems and restrictions:

  • After starting BIOS Recovery Flash the update process stays approximately 70 seconds with 0% before continuing.
  • Please note that the system must NOT be switched off during Recovery Flash!
  • BIOS Setup item "Power Failure Recovery: Disabled" not working as expected with "Low Power Soft Off: Enabled"
  • When clearing passwords (Administrator/User Password), passwords are not cleared when afterwards "Optimized Defaults" are loaded