Fujitsu D3128-B, BIOS R1.11.0

biosPrevious released BIOS version: R1.10.0

BIOS Rev. 1.11.0

List of changes:

  • Support for RDIMM memory modules implemented (only single and dual rank) 
  • USB Legacy support for USB3.0 ports improved
  • Bug Fix: Displayed TPM support state at “Advanced – Intel TXT Configuration”
    BIOS Setup submenu was incorrect if TPM support was disabled

Known problems and restrictions:

  • BIOS Recovery Flash only works reliable, if the same BIOS version in *.ROM file (file on USB stick) and in onboard flash device (= currently installed version) is used
  • After starting BIOS Recovery Flash the update process stays approximately 70 seconds with 0% before continuing.
    Please note that the system must NOT be switched off during Recovery Flash!
  • BIOS ≥ R1.6.0 must be installed first before Core i7-38xx/39xx processors can be used!