D2778-D1 BIOS R1.21

D2778-D BIOS Rev. 1.21

List of changes

  • Power-On mechanism improved for reliable system startup (due to Intel thermal IOH issue)
  • Bug Fix: With some BIOS Setup settings an error “System CMOS checksum bad” could occur after BIOS update
  • Resource problems with three nVidia NVS 295 PCIe graphics adapters solved

Known problems and restrictions

  • Adaptec ASC-29320A SCSI adapter causes an OPROM error when used together with Fujitsu D2507 SAS adapter
  • BIOS setup switch “Power Failure Recovery: Always On” does not work when system is in S5-state (soft-off) and AC-power off time is below 60 seconds.
  • The Option ROM space is very limited. Depending from the installed VGA adapter and system configuration, this may cause Option ROM problems.
  • Harddisk password and Harddisk acoustic management not supported in SATA AHCI mode (BIOS default).