D2991-A1 BIOS R1.8.0

Previous released BIOS version: R1.7.0
BIOS Rev. 1.8.0:

List of changes

  • Support for customized BIOS Boot logo added
  • Corrected SMBIOS type 17 DIMM information
  • Added OEM Activation 3.0 (OA3.0) support
  • Added new selectable value (512 MB) for maximum IGD memory in BIOS setup
  • Implemented new PXE ROM version
  • Updated CPU microcode
  • BIOS boot order now depends on SATA port. Therefore connecting another boot device at same SATA port has no effect on system boot order
  • System monitoring parameters updated
  • Improved HDD password behaviour in combination with power failure recovery and wake on LAN (WoL)
  • BIOS user password now only can be defined when an admin password is configured
  • Implemented support for user password on boot and HDD password on boot for each HDD
  • Corrected SMBIOS type 1 wake cause
  • Updated EFIFLASH.EXE to R1.4.0

Known problems and restrictions

  • BIOS Setup item "Power Failure Recovery: Disabled" not working correctly if "Low Power Soft Off” = Enabled
  • With BIOS setting “IGD Memory: Disable” and no additional plugged graphic card no picture is shown. Workaround: Plug password skip jumper to load BIOS defaults
  • USB Port Security not working properly