Fujitsu D3071-S, D3076-S, BIOS 1.12.0

biosPrevious released BIOS versions
R1.6.0 / R1.3.0

BIOS R1.12.0 will be installed ex factory on mainboards D307x-S11 GS3 (shipments expected from 12/2012)

BIOS downgrade to BIOS R1.6.0 or R1.3.0 is possible.

List of changes for BIOS R1.12.0:

  • New Intel(R) iAMT ME Firmware version implemented. Note: This firmware is not installed via standard BIOS update!
  • Bug Fix: certain PS/2 keyboards sporadically not working after resume from ACPI S3.
  • Updated USB code to fix “KeySonic KSK 6001 UELX” keyboard not detected.
  • Fixed quad USB3 controller PCIe card "Highpoint RocketU 1144A" hangs during boot
  • If user password is set and “User Password on Boot” is set to “disabled”, require entering the User Password for accessing BIOS Setup also if setup is entered automatically because of no boot devices attached.
  • Change Password length description in security menu for Multi Language Support.
  • Fixed Low Power Soft Off (Deep Sleep S5) had no effect.
  • Added BIOS support for future tools that can handle complex passwords and detailed boot order modification.


Following changes had already been implemented in BIOS R1.8.0.SR1 = Service Release BIOS

  • Fixed: If Fan Control was set to disabled, after long AC fail the system monitoring would malfunction (fans not at full speed, sensor alerts)   
  • Fixed: PCIe x4 LAN-card Exsys-EX6074 on PCH x1 and x4 slots caused system hang in POST.       
  • Fixed: Issues with serial port loopback test on first boot after AC fail
  • If user password is set, require entering it for accessing BIOS Setup with user rights. Also disable DEL key for entering BIOS setup. If the setting “User Password on Boot” was set to “disabled”, entering Setup (with user rights) was allowed when entering an empty password. Now require user password for entering Setup, only allow booting without any password. Note: Entering Setup by pressing the DEL key was disabled because for this case .
  • Prevented early power cycle reset with non Hyper Threading capable CPU. Don't change HT setting at non HT CPU, even if Hyper-threading set to Disabled.
  • Latest update on SMCO. Added custom Fan control programming.
  • Fixed POST delay at B4h with USB-Floppy.      
  • Enable Compatible ID Support for TPM Device. Always publish the CTPMID.
  • Fixed Bitlocker Drive encryption issue. To overcome the Bitlocker Drive encryption problem that any later attached boot device will break the Bitlocker drive decryption.
  • Known errors, problems and restrictions:
  • USB Port Security is not working properly.
  • When clearing passwords (Administrator/User Password), passwords are not cleared when afterwards "Optimized Defaults" are loaded