Fujitsu D3171-A BIOS R1.16

biosPrevious released BIOS version: R1.14.0

BIOS Rev. 1.16.0:

List of changes

  • Auto detection of PCIe adapters at PCIe (x1) slots improved.
  • BIOS setup items “Slot 2…4 Link Speed: Auto / Gen1 / Gen2” (Menu “Advanced – PCI Subsystem Settings”) implemented for supporting non-compliant PCIe adapters.
  • Bug Fix: System not booting with BIOS Setup settings “Hyper-threading: Disabled” and “Active Processor Cores: 1” (Menu “Advanced – CPU Configuration”).

Known problems and restrictions

  • Using external graphics together with Intel onboard graphics fails (Bluescreen during OS boot), if the external graphics is set to Primary in BIOS Setup.
  • BIOS POST does not stop with missing keyboard.