Fujitsu D3128-B BIOS R1.4.0

BIOS Rev. 1.4.0:

List of changes

  • Fixed: After wake up from ACPI S4 state booting from SSD drive sporadically failed.
  • Updated CPU microcode.
  • Bug fix: VGA controller S3G 5400EG did not work in each slot.
  • Bug fix: nVidia NVS450 video card showed no picture.
  • Improved memory handling within 32 bit operating systems.
  • Updated System Monitoring firmware.
  • Bug fix: Within Windows XP audio recording was not possible.
  • Bug fix: Video cards with bridge device on PCI express slot were defined as removable device.
  • Bug fix: BIOS POST does not stop on every error.
  • Bug fix: Despite of the fact that USB mass storage devices were excluded in BIOS setup they were available after ACPI S3 wake up.
  • Bug fix: System didn´t stop when connected HDD had a SMART error.
  • Bug fix: After wake up via USB keyboard from ACPI S4 state password input was skipped when BIOS setting skip password on WoL was active.
  • Bug fix: NumLock state didn´t work within BIOS setup.
  • Bug fix: Although user password on boot was not enabled it was changeable.
  • Bug fix: Fragments of the BIOS POST code were visible in BIOS setup.



Known problems and restrictions


  • After starting BIOS Recovery Flash the update process stays approximately 70 seconds with 0% before continuing. Please note that the system must NOT be switched off during Recovery Flash!