Input Voltage
Input Frequency
Input Current

Inrush Current

Power Factor

Earth Leakage Current
90 - 264VAC
47 - 63 Hz
10A max at 115V
5A max at 230V
55A max at 115V
55A max at 230V
> 0.95 / 115V 60Hz
> 0.93 / 230V 50Hz
3.5mA max at 264VAC / 50Hz



Output Voltage
Minimum Load
Start Up Delay
Start Up Rise Time
Hold Up Time
Over / Undershoot
Transient Response

Over Voltage Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Over Current Protection

Short Circuit Protection
Temperature Coefficient
Remote On/Off

Current Share
See table
See table
< 500mSec maximum
< 50mSec measured at 10% to 95%
20 mS/110V
< 10% max at turn on/off
< 4% max diviation, recovery to within
1% in 1mSec for 25%load change
+3.3V:3.9V ~ 4.5V
+5V:5.7V ~ 6.5V
+12V:13.3V ~ 15.6V
Primary & secondary protection with
auto recovery
+3.3V:26.4A ~ 36A
+5V:26.4A ~ 36A
+12V:17.5A ~ 20A
Shut down and latch off without damage, resistance ≦ 0.01Ω
≦0.05% per°C after 30min. operating
On = PSON ≦ 0.8V, low
Off = PSON ≦ 2.4V, high, open
2 supplies to share within ± 10%



Power Density


Remote Sensing
Fault Indication
Min 70% at 115VAC
2.98 W/in3
Power good, TTL compatible, *PSON
I2C Bus
Presence indicator
100 kHrs per Bellcore SR-332 ISSUE1 at 25°C ambient
+3.3V, +5V, +12V
Audible alarm, turned on by active high TTL,
Visual-alarm, LED active
Logical alarm, corresponding to each module



Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Operating Altitude
Shock Operating
Vibration Operating
0 to 45°C
60mm fan required
5 - 95% RH, Non-condensing
-40°C to +70°C
Sea level to 7000 feet
10G, 11mSec, half sine 3 axes
40G, 11mSec, half sine 3 axes
0.25G, 10 Hz to 500 Hz, 3 axes
2G, 10 Hz to 300 Hz, 3 axes



Output Min. Load Max.Load Condition Ripple & Noise
+3.3V 1.5A 24A
Combined +3.3V & +5V
power ≦ 140W

Combined current
+12V1~+12V4 ≦ 48A
50mV p-p
+5V 1A 24A 50mV p-p
+12V1 0.5A 16A 120mV p-p
+12V2 0.5A 16A 120mV p-p
+12V3 1A 16A 120mV p-p
+12V4 0.5A 16A 120mV p-p
-12V 0A 0.5A 120mV p-p
+5VSB 0.1A 3A 50mV p-p