Fujitsu Mainboards D3401-B1, D3402-B1, D3417-B1 BIOS 1.28.0


Fujitsu Mainboards D3401-B1, D3402-B1, D3417-B1 BIOS 1.28.0


Dear Customer,

please note that an updated BIOS R1.28.0. has been released for following Intel Skylake- based Extended Lifecycle mainboards:

  • D3401-B1 (µATX)
  • D3402-B1 (µATX)
  • D3417-B1 (µATX)

BIOS R1.28.0 [New], BIOS Changes vs. R1.27.0:

  • Updated CPU Microcode (0xCC) for Skylake R0/S0 and (0x200005E) for Skylake XEON 
    INTEL-SA-00115, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130
  • Updated Management Engine Firmware version
     INTEL-SA-00185, PSIRT-TA-201810-004, PSIRT-TA-201901-002, CVE-2018-12188, CVE-2018-12189, CVE-2018-12190, CVE-2018-12191, CVE-2018-12192, CVE-2018-12199, CVE-2018-12198, CVE-2018-12200, CVE-2018-12187, CVE-2018-12196, CVE-2018-12185, CVE-2019-0089, CVE-2019-0090, CVE-2019-0086, CVE-2019-0091, CVE-2019-0092, CVE-2019-0093, CVE-2019-0094, CVE-2019-0096, CVE-2019-0097, CVE-2019-0098, CVE-2019-0099)
  • Fixed: Linux Deskflash update problems occurred
  • Fixed: Windows Boot Manager was missing under some circumstances.
  • Fixed: 14TB hard disk sporadically not recognized at SATA port 2.
  • Feature: BIOS option “Launch Storage OpRom” added [Advanced > CSM Configuration]

BIOS 1.28.0 Known Issues and Limitations:

  • System does not boot from HDD when press Ctrl+Alt+Del in BIOS POST. All SATA devices are disabled until next reset.
  • Not all BIOS Setup settings are reset to default values via CMOS battery removal.
  • First HDD password entry was "Invalid Password" when BIOS setup setting "Password on Boot" is "On Every Boot" or "On First Boot".


Download D3401-B1 (µATX)

Download D3402-B1 (µATX)

Download D3417-B1 (µATX)