Treiber DVD 2011.03 für Fujitsu Mainboards

Treiber DVD V2012_01 für aktuelle Fujitsu Mainboards.

Systemguard V4.07.2

systemguard 4072Systemguard ist eine Applikation zur Anzeige der Stati von Temparatur, Lüftern und Sensoren auf Fujitsu Mainboards.

Support for upcoming Skylake Mainboards added:
D3400 / D3401 / D3402 / D3410 / D3417

Product Discontinuance Notification for mainboard Fujitsu D3128-B, D3003-S

infoProduct Discontinuance Notification for mainboard D3128-B, D3003-S

We want to inform you about the discontinuation of the product(s) in the table below. 

Wir informieren Sie über die Produktionseinstellung der Mainboards in nachfolgender Tabelle. 

Model(s) Description Launch Date

Last Order
Date (LAO)

Last Shipment
Date (LSD)

D3128-B ATX, Intel C602 06/2012 04/2015

Standard Lifecycle


D3003-S  mITX, AMD G-series 06/2011 04/2015  Standard Lifecycle 

Kennen Sie Gabi? BugFix für PCIe x16 mit HR CPUs

infoPossible PCIe x16 issue on mainboards supporting Haswell Refresh (HR) Processors

After installing a HR processor in certain mainboards, it may happen that
the PCIe x16 slot is corrupted (e.g. PCIe graphics card is not working).
This behaviour is based on an Intel firmware bug.
There is a tool "GABI.EXE" to reset affected mainboards.

Handling notes:

- Remove system from mains power (AC off)
- Remove any card from PCIe x16 slot
- Copy GABI.EXE to a DOS-bootable USB stick
- AC on, boot DOS and run "GABI"
- System should show errorlevel = 0 "all ok"
- AC off, re-insert PCIe x16 card
- Wait a while (e.g. 5 minutes)
- AC on, PCIe x16 card should work now