D3061-A, D3061-B, D3062-A, D3062-B BIOS R1.14.0

AMI Aptio V4.6.4.0 R1.14.0 for D3061-A/B  D3062-A/B
Important note:  For updating the BIOS to Rev. 1.14.0 at least BIOS R1.11.0 must be installed, otherwise “normal” BIOS update will fail. BIOS update via Recovery Flash is working.

BIOS Rev. 1.14.0:

List of changes

  • Defined system boot order now depends on SATA port, so connecting another boot device at same SATA port has no effect on system boot order.
  • Handling of BIOS setup item “Boot Removable Media: Enabled / Disabled” improved.
  • HDD password mechanism improved concerning PowerOn via Wake on LAN (WoL) and Power Failure Recovery.
  • Parameter “Never” of BIOS Setup item “User Password on Boot” renamed to “Disabled”.
  • CPU power management default value changed (CPU C3 state re-enabled).
  • Power Failure Recovery mechanism now working if power fails during POST.
  • Hide BIOS Setup node “ME Subsystem: Enabled / Disabled”.
  • Bug Fix: OEM Activation 3.0 (OA3.0) not working with some customer data.

Known problems and restrictions

  • RAID Migration to RAID 1 from a non RAID system with 2 HDDs with Windows XP doesn't work properly
  • SoL not working properly
  • USB Port Security not working properly.
  • When clearing passwords (Administrator/User Password), passwords are not cleared if afterwards "Optimized Defaults" are loaded