Fujitsu D3003-Sx, BIOS 1.22.0

biosBIOS 1.22.0



  • Improved usage of UEFI variables (Vulnerability Note VU#758382).
  • Improved Capsule Update (Vulnerability Note VU#552286).
  • Fixed issue that missing keyboard generates an error message via serial port.
  • Fixed issue that mSATA was not detected if ‘OnChip SATA Type’ is set to ‘Native IDE’ in Setup.
  • Fixed USB boot issue in ‘OnChip SATA Type’ is configured to RAID-Mode.
  • Hide some LVDS Setup items in case of user rights.
  • Added support to control LVDS display brightness under Windows (D3003-S1/-S3).
  • Fixed: mSATA module sporadically not detected.
  • Fixed: With DASH remote control on host side an error message pops up while the control itself works correctly.