Fujitsu D3161-A, D3161-B, D3162-A BIOS R1.15

biosPrevious released BIOS version: R1.12.0
BIOS Rev. 1.15.0

List of changes

  • Windows 8 Support added.
  • New SATA RAID V11.5.0.1582 implemented.
  • Auto detection of PCIe adapters at PCIe (x1) slots improved.
  • BIOS setup items “Slot 2…4 Link Speed: Auto / Gen1 / Gen2” (at “Advanced – PCI Subsystem Settings” submenu) implemented for supporting non-compliant PCIe adapters.
  • BIOS setup item “Skip USB” (at “Boot – Fast On: Enabled” submenu) renamed to “USB Support”.
  • BIOS setup item “Skip PS2” (at “Boot – Fast On: Enabled” submenu) renamed to “PS2 Device Support”.
  • System boot from UEFI network stack implemented.
  • UEFI x64 driver for Intel PCIe Gigabit network connection added.
  • New PXE LAN code for Intel 82579LM/82579V Gigabit Ethernet (Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.98) implemented.
  • Behavior of the PowerButton state feature changed.
  • Fix for SUSE Linux installation implemented.
  • Bug Fix: System not booting with BIOS Setup settings “Hyper-threading: Disabled” and “Active Processor Cores: 1” (at “Advanced – CPU Configuration” submenu).
  • Microcode updates added.
  • Bug Fix: After BIOS update at Windows via *DFI.exe, system hangs during first automatic reboot.
  • Internal BIOS Interface ("GABI") updated.

Known problems and restrictions

  • For updating this BIOS release, the BIOS R1.12.0 (or higher) must be installed first, otherwise BIOS update will fail.
  • USB keyboard power button not working reliable at USB 3.0 ports.
  • BIOS Setup item "Power Failure Recovery: Disabled" not working as expected with "Low Power Soft Off: Enabled".
  • When clearing passwords (Administrator/User Password), passwords are not cleared when afterwards "Optimized Defaults" are loaded.
  • Some automatic system PowerCycles may occur after BIOS update.