Mainboard D2831:
Current version: D2831-S12 GS1
Upcoming version: D2831-S12 GS2

  • New DIMM sockets with 30 µinch Au
  • Introduction of  2nd  source for MOS-FET
  • Updated audio codec  (Realtek ALC663 stepping change from Rev. A1 to Rev. A4) for improved WHQL handling. Note: Updated BIOS (> R1.05) required, but NO driver update!  
  • SystemMonitoring controller: Updated bootloader firmware (no functional change)  
  • USB ports: Circuitry change in order to switch off USB power after a 4-sec. power button override (currently the USB ports remain powered, even if BIOS Setup "USB at power-off" is set to "always off") Note: This change requires an updated PCB!