D3071-S, D3076-S, S11-GS1 -> S11-GS2

Industrial Mainboards D3071-S / D3076-S

New Hardware-Revision GS2 ab dem 17.12.2011

Core voltage regulator updated (new stepping due to Intel requirements)

Component changes

item location  part number  description / comments 
1 120N00/EB0  V26811-B905-V40  VR12 CoreRegulator  (removed)  (1)
2 435R51/EB0  V26801-B100-V601  R0402-10K/F  (removed) 
3 540C10/EB0  V26803-B103-V35  CAP-MLC 180P/50V/C  (removed) 
4 540C11/EB0  V26803-B103-V35  CAP-MLC 180P/50V/C  (removed) 
5 540C14/EB0  V26803-B103-V35  CAP-MLC 180P/50V/C  (removed) 
6 540C15/EB0  V26803-B103-V35  CAP-MLC 180P/50V/C  (removed) 
7 750X50/EB0  V26827-B163-V20  DisplayPort Connector  (removed)  (2)
8 120N00/EB0  V26811-B905-V50  VR12 CoreRegulator - new stepping  (added)  (1) 
9 435R55/EB0  V26801-B100-V535  R0402-1K0/F  (added) 
10 540C10/EB0  V26803-B103-V4  CA-330P/J/50V/COG  (added) 
11 540C11/EB0  V26803-B103-V4  CA-330P/J/50V/COG  (added) 
12 540C14/EB0  V26803-B103-V4  CA-330P/J/50V/COG  (added) 
13 540C15/EB0  V26803-B103-V4  CA-330P/J/50V/COG  (added) 
14 750X50/EB0  V26827-B163-V120  DisplayPort Connector 20P THT LP  (added)  (2)

(1)  Updated stepping of core voltage regulator (due to Intel requirements).
New version provides improved support for “C6” processor power state.
Note: “C6” state is by default set to “Disabled” for D3071-S / D3076-S
(2)  Modified DP connector for improved solderability

Note:  GS2 component changes do not have any influence on software drivers!