Fujitsu Mainboards ECN D3313-S13, D3313-S23, D3313-S33, GS1 -> GS2


component stuffing change in order to improve the LVDS backlight handling

 Current Part No. / Revision  New Part No. / Revision
 D3313-S12 / GS1  D3313-S13 / GS2 
 D3313-S22 / GS1  D3313-S23 / GS2
 D3313-S32 / GS1  D3313-S33 / GS2

Possible Issue with GS1 mainboards:
„Backlight Enable“-Signal: Low level ~ 1.2V during System Reset which may be too high for certain inverters (may result in noise visible on the LVDS screen during Reset)


Feature updates / improvements
(for details please see ECN documentation)